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Darren Pleasance

Pithy Wordsmithery worked alongside author Darren Pleasance to build his personal brand from the ground up and market a new business that highlighted his book, True North, as well as promote speaking engagements. Establishing Darren’s brand started with his values: going beyond the definition of success as dictated by societal pressure and living a truly fulfilling life. His brand, which we wanted to feel bright, inspire hope, and always look towards the horizon, was captured in bold colors, real photos, and inspirational messaging.

As we built the brand, Darren’s values and message about living a fulfilling life were coming out of the brainstorming phase and onto the page. We worked with Darren throughout the developmental process to help him outline and write the book. After the manuscript was completed, our Self Publishing team worked with Darren for copyediting and proofreading. Our cover designer took Darren’s story and translated it into one of our favorite covers to date.

Leading up to the book launch, our marketing specialist and web designer took the brand and book’s messaging to develop a marketing campaign and website. The marketing strategy included coaching, a social media content calendar and custom graphics, and articles that corresponded with the book for blogs and email marketing blasts.

The combination of the marketing efforts and success of the book have launched Darren into a new phase of living his own fulfilling life: doing more speaking, hitting best seller status on Amazon, and leaning into the work he loves.

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