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How to Stay Organized When Writing a Book

When you think about writing a book, does it feel like your head might explode? Don't stress. Get organized! Without a plan in place, it's easy to write thousands of words and start to feel a little confused. (What have…

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When Things Get Hard, Keep Going

At Pithy Wordsmithery, we love all of our clients, but we have a special spot in our heart for this one.   Let me paint a picture for you. You're an athlete, you've married your college sweetheart, you're building the…

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How to Outline Your Book: The What, Where, and Why

Let's talk about book outlines! Specifically, the what, where, and why of your outline. I'm a HUGE fan of outlines. But sometimes authors wonder how detailed their chapter outlines should be. Specifically, how in the weeds should they get with…

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Want A Book Deal? You Need A Book Proposal.

Want a Book Deal? You Need a Book Proposal.

Have you ever wondered whether you need a book proposal to become an author? I speak with aspiring authors all the time who are eager to get started on their book, but they aren't sure if they need to focus…

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Ways Aspiring Authors Can Squash Their Self-Doubt

17 Ways Aspiring Authors Can Squash Their Self-Doubt

When it comes to writing and finishing your book, perseverance is the biggest thing.  It’s more important than writing ability or having extra time in your schedule. But to persevere, you need to focus on mindset & squashing your self-doubt.…

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Book Trailer Example – Inspired, Not Retired

Clients often ask about best practices and suggestions for promoting their books. In working with many clients, we’ve seen a lot of fun, creative options, including creating a book trailer.  Not only are book trailers enjoyable to watch, they also…

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