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Pithy Wordsmithery specializes in strategic marketing content.

We work with business owners and authors to ensure they are sending the right message through their website, books, keynote presentations, e-blasts, and social media.

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Clients with whom we have worked:

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8 Clever Ways to Make Your Content More Interesting

When it comes to writing, you have to mix it up to keep it fresh and interesting, especially in long-format pieces. (And if you’ve ever wondered how you’ll create a book where you aren’t just droning on and on, feature content is your answer.)

What our clients are saying:

“I truly enjoyed having Amelia as a partner, and I don’t say that about everyone! She completely exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled with how my book came out. Even more important, I was delighted by the process of creating it.”

“For first time authors, there are so many daunting aspects to writing and bringing a book to market. Amelia was with me every step of the way… She is a veritable expert in the craft of creating books— and great fun to work with!”

Defining Goals

We identify the marketing strategies that will help you reach your goals.

Creating a Plan

We develop a customized plan and timeline to fit your needs.

Assessing Progress

We continually assess the ROI of our projects and adjust accordingly.


We make sure our work is your springboard for success.

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