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True North: A Handbook for Inspired Living
By Darren Pleasance

Some people seem to have it all: an impressive job, a beautiful home, and plenty of money. We see these people on TV, on social media, and in our communities. It’s hard not to look at them and want what they have: the good life.

Society puts us all under immense pressure to aspire to certain hallmarks of success. From a young age, these viewpoints become so ingrained in our worldview that they turn into an undercurrent, pushing us in the direction that other people think we should travel. Unfortunately, we often end up in a place that is less fulfilling than we anticipated. The outcomes we thought would bring us happiness end up falling short, and we discover that we were pursuing the wrong things for our own personal fulfillment.

In True North: A Handbook for Inspired Living, author Darren Pleasance shows how being successful and being fulfilled are not the same thing. As a private-jet pilot to the rich and famous, and years later as an executive at some of the world’s leading tech and consulting firms, Darren’s unusual career path has afforded him access to rare environments where he got to know a wide range of aspirational people. From movie stars to entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 leaders who are worth millions, Darren spent many years with individuals who “made it.”

He expected all these people to be inspired and fulfilled, but many were not. They were stressed and unhappy, they had no hobbies, their relationships were suffering, and they were certainly not experiencing the joy of having arrived at a place of wealth, status, and power. They had chased a vision of success that did not align with what mattered most to them, and their happiness suffered because of it.

In his book, Darren walks you through how simple considerations can lead to more fulfilling outcomes. True North will help you break free from society’s narratives about what success looks like so that you can identify what truly lights you up as a unique individual. You’ll learn strategies for enacting positive change in your daily life, setting the right goals, and overcoming the fear of the unknown so you can pivot to compelling new experiences.

Whether you’re considering a major change in your life’s direction, trying to inspire and guide your children, or simply wondering whether you could be more fulfilled, this book is for you. It’s never too late to course correct and follow a new path that will make you happier. This is your life, and you are the only person who knows how you can make the most of it.

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