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Lessons in Leadershit
By Ana Dutra

Almost everyone has worked with or for a toxic leader. Whether they’re manipulators, poor communicators or irritable tyrants, ineffective leaders are everywhere in today’s workforce. But, what is being done to fix this global epidemic?

Lessons in Leadershit: Detoxing the Workplace, a new book by Ana Dutra, President & CEO of the Executives’ Club of Chicago, shines a light on the various types of offenders when it comes to leadershit behaviors, and also identifies measures to correct them.

While most leadership resources and references are typically based on best practices, Leadershit takes the opposite approach and examines worst practices and how to address poor leadership behaviors. It is a go-to leadership guide for multiple audiences.

The book, which reached the No. 2 ranking on the Amazon Best Sellers List and the International Best Sellers list, currently has a 5-star rating and is available for $9.99 on Amazon.

What People Are Saying

“Ana has brilliantly leveraged her experience as a global leader, CEO and Board succession strategist, to share high-impact advice on how to identify, avoid, and deal with serious leadership derailers.  A must-read book written by a world-class leadership expert.”

Irene Rosenfeld | Chairman and CEO of Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)

“Ana has written an exceptional leadership book. She combines perfectly the art and science of leadership. Ana presented elements of her book to 500 Potbelly shop leaders in January 2016. They were inspired an enthralled by her and the information.  Her book will be a must-read for our future leaders.”

Aylwin Lewis | Chairman and CEO, Potbelly Sandwich Works and Director at Disney, Starwood, and Starbucks

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