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Founded in 2011, Pithy Wordsmithery provides strategic ghostwriting, marketing, and consulting for authors and businesses.

We work with clients to ensure the message they are conveying through their website, branding, marketing materials, presentations, and social media is the best possible message for their unique business. Our goal is to provide a full service, stress-free solution that saves our clients time.

“When we first explored writing our first book, I thought the process would be incredibly difficult and time consuming. I’m sure that would have been the case if we weren’t introduced to Amelia Forczak and Pithy Wordsmithery. Amelia and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with, and they have definitely mastered the book writing process. We will definitely be using their services in the future, and I can’t say enough about how happy we are with everything they have done for us.”

– Chris Penasa, best-selling author; CEO, Small Business Growth Partners, Inc.

“Amelia Forczak is the best business decision I ever made. My ghostwriter, go-to marketing whiz and friend, I could not imagine embarking on another project like this without her. She was calm under pressure, always had a plethora of great ideas, and was able to take my rambling stream of consciousness and turn it into something beautiful.”

– Paul M. Neuberger, Author, Speaker, and Sales Trainer

“Amelia and Pithy Wordsmithery were invaluable to me as I embarked on creating a website, bios, and work session descriptions, and in revising my LinkedIn profile. It is difficult to write about ourselves, and Amelia interviewed me and made me sound accomplished in a way that I could not have done myself. Thank you, Amelia and team! Great work!”

– Peggy Leyden, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant, Leyden Consulting

“Amelia is a pleasure to work with, and we continue to bring her into our projects whenever copywriting is required.  She’s professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly timely with her work.  We consider her not only an asset but part of our team.”

– Matt Dollinger, Cofounder, The Kno Agency

“For first time authors, there are so many daunting aspects to writing and bringing a book to market. Amelia was with me every step of the way, from organizing chapters and breathing life into explanations, to building a social media presence and managing Amazon. She is a veritable expert in the craft of creating books— and great fun to work with!”

– Frits van Paasschen, best-selling author, and former Fortune 500 CEO

“Working with Amelia was a dream come true. A dream because never would I have imagined a writer who could match my voice with my expectations in one fell swoop. Her first draft was spot on, not one change necessary. Adding her on as a marketing and writing consultant was one of the best business decisions I’ve made this year.”

– Cecilia Gorman, Founder, Creative + Talent + Partners

“Talk about overdelivering…Amelia blew away any expectations I had. Her knowledge of the book marketing and self-publishing space is impressive. She presented a thorough marketing plan that covered all the bases and set me up for success.”

– Danny Schuman, author, speaker, and president of Twist

“Amelia has the tools, resources, and connections to help with everything we need, including editing, writing, website development, and marketing ideas. My partner and I had two disparate voices on how we viewed our offerings and value proposition, and Amelia was able to help us gain clarity, unity, and start us moving in a positive direction. She gained our trust by continually editing our writing so it expressed what we were actually thinking but having a hard time articulating on paper.”

– Jenny Gumm, Ed.D., Founder of Sersano Consulting

“I cannot say enough great things about the work conducted by Amelia. She is an expert on just about everything related to the book publishing world, including publisher submission, ghostwriting, editing, and designing and implementing book marketing campaigns. Without her creativity and undying research efforts, my book, ‘Building a Magnetic Culture’ would have never been published.”

– Kevin Sheridan, Best-selling author, speaker, and consultant

“She is a magician when it comes to writing and was able to take all of our ideas and craft them into an amazing literary masterpiece.”

– Jairek Robbins, Author, speaker, and personal development coach

“We grappled with my second book for several months without the right team in place. When we discovered Amelia, all the pieces came together. She effortlessly took what we had written and made it accessible to our readers, with a flow that made sense and a polish we could count on—and her unfailing optimism and experience editing made working with her a delight! It’s safe to say we would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

– Jennifer Brown, Author; Diversity and Inclusion Consultant; Founder, Jennifer Brown Consulting

“Pithy Wordsmithery has been incredibly helpful as I’ve built my speaking and consulting business. From website development to graphic design and my email newsletter, they have the right team to get everything done.”

– Chris Dyer, Author; CEO, PeopleG2; Leadership Speaker and Consultant

“Amelia and team were an absolute asset as we launched my second book. They were strategic and responsive as they helped us produce a steady stream of excellent content. The work they did on the launch set the book up to be a continued success, and we are grateful!”

– Joe McCormack, Founder, The Brief Lab; Author

“If you are reading this, then you have something important to say or are thinking of writing a book. My advice? TALK TO AMELIA. LIKE NOW! The book writing journey can be (= is) an amazing, thrilling, toe-stubbingly frustrating odyssey. It helps to go in with eyes-wide open with a partner who knows the ropes and cares enough to help you see your vision through. See all these testimonials? Amelia’s been partners with amazing people with similar motives. Just do it. Call her.”

– Jennifer Fondrevay, Chief Humanity Officer, Day1 Ready M&A consultancy, Author

“I was looking for a marketing and social media strategy for my business, as well as an excellent advisor and editor for my writing projects. Then I was introduced to Amelia, who offered all those services at the highest quality I have seen anywhere. She spent time really understanding my business, which enabled her to offer a customized and personal approach to my work. I have been pleased from beginning to end with every project she has undertaken, and I have complete confidence that she can handle any marketing, branding, strategy, writing and editing needs I may have.”

– Jim Funk, Owner and President of J L Funk & Associates

“Amelia Forczak may be defined as an ‘over deliverer’! She was everything that was promised and more. Amelia’s attention to detail, timelines, and accuracy are second to none. She is easy to do business with and goes the extra mile, even when she is supposedly on vacation. These are just some of the things that made a writing partner relationship a joy!”

– Colleen Sweeney, RN BS, Founder/Owner of Sweeney Healthcare Enterprises

“Amelia Forczak is an exceptional editor and colleague—a professional of the highest quality. She combines the sensitivities of the artist with thorough-going technological competence and deep knowledge of current best practices. She does what she says she can do and delivers on time. Amelia was indispensable in helping me publish ‘The Poetry of Small Business’ and my gratitude is boundless.”

– Tim Askew, Author, CEO and Founder of Corporate Rain International

“I truly enjoyed having Amelia as a partner, and I don’t say that about everyone! She completely exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled with how my book came out. Even more important, I was delighted by the process of creating it and I give the credit to Amelia and the way she partnered with me. Authors spend a lot of time speaking with their writing partners, and that becomes a huge factor in the experience. Amelia always went above and beyond and constantly pushed me to develop an even better output and raise the bar. If you want to enjoy those months of hard work and truly write a fabulous book, I highly recommend working with Amelia.”

– Ana Dutra, Author, President and CEO of the Executives’ Club of Chicago

“If you are thinking about writing a book and need some help, you must talk to Amelia Forczak! I had this book in my head for years and after a short meeting with Amelia I knew I needed to hire her right away. She helped clear up my vision, create a great structure for the book, and then helped me craft the right story. She kept me accountable to make sure I was getting everything done on time to make the deadline and ultimately created an Amazon Best Seller! She has a great team and great processes that she follows to take a big project like this and efficiently build it out. I would highly recommend her!”

– David Belman, bestselling author and President of Belman Homes

“Working with Chris Peters for manuscript evaluation was wonderful! I appreciated his insightful feedback which helped me focus on the book I really wanted to write, so I could edit with more clarity and confidence. Well worth doing an evaluation with Chris at this stage so I could move more productively towards the finish line.”

– Stephanie Klein, Executive Coach, Consultant and Speaker

“Pithy Wordsmithery provides extraordinary service.  Amelia Forczak leads a team of highly talented, patient, and extremely competent professionals who are a joy to work with. Pithy Wordsmithery should be your first choice for all your writing, editing, and publishing needs. They are for me.”

– Dr. Burl Randolph, Jr., Author; Founder, MyWingman, LLC.; Colonel, US Army, Retired

“Amelia is amazing. Her caring personality, her amazing knowledge of the industry, and her ability to grasp complexity and ask good questions make her one of the best in the industry. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help.”

– Darrell Moon, CEO, Orriant

“Amelia combines the highest standards of professionalism with writing talent–she is a rare find! From creation of a proposal through completion of a manuscript, Amelia serves her clients well. She is thorough, listens to her clients, and delivers on time, every time.”

– Maryann Karinch, Founder, The Rudy Agency

“Amelia has expertly guided us through the process of building a successful brand from scratch. From content, to logo, to look and feel, Amelia has been with us every step of the way. She’s been very easy to work with, even when we weren’t quite sure what we wanted. She was exactly the right person, both in demeanor and skillset, to get a fantastic result.”

– Stewart J. Foley, CFA, Partner, Insurance AUM

“We were initially referred to Pithy Wordsmithery as we ventured into writing our first book. From the first conversation, we found it to be extremely easy and natural to discuss the concept of our book with Amelia. She listened, asked questions, processed and then made recommendations based upon her experience. We leaned heavily on her expertise in writing business books and felt more capable to complete this project after her consulting services. She was extremely flexible with scheduling phone calls, punctual in meeting deadlines and prompt in returning emails. She was a joy to work with!”

– Clint Drawdy, COO/Co-Founder and Chad Perce, CEO/Co-Founder, iMethods

“Amelia was massively helpful as an editor for my website content writing. With her expertise, we have developed content that is relevant, inviting and engaging. Amelia’s assistance gave me the peace of mind to continue to focus on day-to-day operations, as I was assured that the project was in good hands. She showed a keen aptitude in quickly understanding the niche market I conduct my business in and I cannot recommend her enough. Amelia was overall, an absolute delight to work with!”

– Melissa St. John, Owner & CEO of Relocation Strategies

“It was a pleasure to work with James. He’s such a nice guy! He did a great job in asking pertinent questions and deciphering what exactly I was looking for in regards to the logo. It’s not always easy to express what is in one’s head sometimes but he managed to get it out! I liked all his options and how he walked me through all his designs. I would certainly recommend him and use him for future projects.”

– Alex Antypas, Founder, Meslo

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