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How to Get the Most Out of Coaching: A Client’s Guide for Optimizing the Coaching Experience
By Karen Davis and Alex Mills

One-on-one coaching can transform both your career and personal life. Whether you want to be successful at work, deepen your relationships with the people who matter most, or break free from unproductive patterns, working with a coach can help you create the future you’ve always wanted.

That being said, coaching isn’t magic. All too often, people have the desire to improve but fail to achieve the exponential growth they deserve. It isn’t because their goals are unattainable or that they aren’t getting the right support from their coach; it’s due to a lack of basic understanding in how to get the most out of coaching. Simple tips and tricks can make a world of difference.

Over the past decade, highly sought coaches Karen Davis and Alex Mill have partnered with a wide range of clients, from successful entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 executives to individuals simply looking for more peace and balance in a hectic world. They’ve seen people surpass all of their goals and expectations while others took longer than they should have to make any real progress.

In this book, Davis and Mill present a straightforward guide to ensure that you get the highest possible ROI from your one-on-one coaching relationship. You’ll learn to drive the most value from your sessions, easily carve out time to take action, and effectively assess your progress and course correct—if needed.

This book will shift your perception of coaching, enabling you to attain greater personal fulfillment and immediate life-changing results.

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