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NOW WHAT?: A Survivor’s Guide for Thriving Through Mergers & Acquisitions
By Jennifer Fondrevay

Companies around the globe are increasingly pursuing M&A as a growth strategy. Odds are, at some point in your career, your company will be one of them.

Jennifer J. Fondrevay, an M&A expert who has led teams and brands through three separate multibillion-dollar acquisitions, reveals that these transitions are as stressful as a major loss or moving to another country. The normal human reactions of fear, anger, anxiety, and denial can make the experience hellish, make leading change overwhelming, and keep you from capitalizing on opportunities.

To help you navigate the chaos and your emotions and see how M&A can, in fact, further your career, she has written NOW WHAT? as the guide she wished for years ago. Based on 60 interviews with M&A integration survivors and practitioners, NOW WHAT?:

  • Explains the drivers behind M&A so that you can anticipate what’s coming and start to appreciate where the opportunities might be.
  • Exposes the post-deal experience for what it is: a journey from denial to acceptance through the M&A stages of grief.
  • Identifies the “cast of change” characters (e.g., the Former Rock Star, the Black Widow, etc.) and how to engage them.
  • Helps you construct a total “survive and thrive” game plan for cultivating the right mindset, collaborating with the “other side,” and finding your niche to succeed.

NOW WHAT? helps anybody in the middle of it all, from C-suite executives to team leaders and players, come out stronger on the other side to help their companies do the same.

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