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Leadership Growth Hacks: A Guide for Emerging Leaders to Think Differently, Kick-Start Performance, and Get Ahead Quicker
By David Belman

Being proactive about your professional development can make a huge impact on your career trajectory, but so many leaders struggle to determine where to focus. They learn through trial and error, which can be an arduous journey that wastes precious time.

In Leadership Growth Hacks, David Belman reveals simple but powerful tactics for accelerating progress and making a bigger impact faster. David is a successful entrepreneur, business leader, and enthusiastic mentor to emerging leaders. As a second-generation home builder, he began selling high-end homes when he was 17. (No pressure, right?) In his 20s, he risked his savings buying land and building model homes. Gaining leadership experience so early in his career was transformative, to say the least, but 20 years into business, David still hadn’t scratched the surface. That is until he discovered the secrets in this book.

Applying these secrets and becoming intentional about growth made his career explode. Seemingly overnight, he became a leader in his industry, a philanthropist who provides free homes to wounded veterans, and a winner of major awards for leadership, culture, philanthropy, and home building.

In this book, David shares his insights to help readers fast-track their growth.

Learn how to:

  • Decode your clients’ and colleagues’ personality types to communicate more effectively with them
  • Become more efficient and productive and do the work that matters most
  • Strategically build your personal brand and expand your influence
  • Build your inner confidence to become the leader you always wanted to be

If you’re just stepping into a new leadership role, want to advance to the next level faster, or simply want to expand your influence, this book is packed with real-world advice for making a bigger impact at work and getting ahead. Transcend what is expected of you, start being more intentional, and unlock your true potential.

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