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The Worst Business Model in the World: A New Kind of Guide for a New Kind of Entrepreneur
By Danny Schuman

There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. The question is, what kind of entrepreneur will you be?

If your sole purpose in life is amassing money, you may want to try a different book.

If you crave the flexibility to be passionate, original, and unabashedly enthusiastic about what you do, create work that could excite you on a daily basis, and still earn you enough money to not have to worry about money, The Worst Business Model in the World may be calling your name. It’s about doing what you’re passionate about and good at, and taking the strategic steps to create a business around that passion. It’s about leaving a 9-5 job behind not knowing if you’ll match your income level, but confident that you’ll exceed your happiness level.

Backed by interviews with more than 100 entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries, The Worst Business Model in the World provides strategic advice for the real problems entrepreneurs face, whether you’re a veteran entrepreneur or on your way to becoming one. Author Danny Schuman lays out a roadmap to help you stay stubbornly and blissfully independent, so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time doing what you hate. Featuring 24 insights, each with an actionable tool, this audiobook will help fill your wallet, feed your heart, and lift you up to the place you really want to be, so you can do all the things you’re good at with less pain, enough profits, and more joy.

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