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Hopeward Healing

Mother and child co-authors Margaret and Lilo Baurer came to Pithy Wordsmithery with a story of grief, loss, rebuilding, and love. Our writing team worked with both authors to develop a cohesive story that captured each of their voices and the lessons learned along the way. After completing the manuscript, we worked with Margaret and Lilo to guide the book through cover design and self publishing to take their story from ideation into the hands of hundreds of readers around the United States.

Margaret and Lilo also worked with our branding and marketing teams to build a brand and start a new business that is authentic to their story and message. We started by identifying the brand’s values and mission to offer hope to families struggling with mental health and grief through honest conversations, authentic storytelling, and therapeutic expertise. By developing the positioning and target audiences, we were able to create brand standards that captured a supportive, inspirational, and resilient look and feel that was authentic to the Baurer’s story. This is how Hopeward Healing was created. From there, we developed a marketing strategy for the new business, including establishing a social media presence, developing a new website, and writing fresh content.

Months after launch, Margaret and Lilo have found their book in local shops, on the shelves of local colleges, and on Amazon’s best seller list. The Hopeward Healing brand has set Lilo up for success as they navigate their own professional journey studying to be a professional therapist, including establishing a successful series of poetry workshops. The truths told in the book and in marketing content have planted a seed for advocacy work and created a community among others who needed resources on their own journeys.

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