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The Art of Quality Decision-Making: A Practical Guide to the Alternative Response Method
By Warren Brand

Decisions define our lives. They lead us to success or failure. Happiness or misery. They lead us to find the right spouse and career, and they dictate our level of happiness, success, and bliss.

Never before has there been a system for learning—and teaching—how to make quality decisions on a consistent basis. Centuries in the making, The Alternative Response Method (ARM) is a new framework that will teach you how to define, or redefine, who you are and in what manner you choose to embrace and interact with the world. It will teach you to find opportunities amid chaos. Imbue courage where there was once fear.

At the very core of ARM are select concepts from the military, aviation, space exploration, sports, and martial arts—areas where wrong decisions can cost lives.

Warren Brand has studied, practiced, added to, and dissected these concepts and combined them into a framework where each individual develops their own tools and strategies based on their individual capacities, strengths, and weaknesses. In this book, you will learn how to use the ARM framework to create your own “flipchart,” an easily and readily available tool to use when facing challenges.

We are all warriors, and within our core—within our DNA—we have tools, skills, and capacities that have become stagnant and unfamiliar. Embrace the warrior that you are and learn The Art of Quality Decision-Making.

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