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Stepping into the Moment: The Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur
By Roger Braswell

When Roger Braswell was a child, his Dad used to say, “Boy, do something even if it’s wrong. Do something.” This ingrained bias toward taking action and stepping into the moment led him to start his to start his own lawn care business when he was just 15—which he then grew and took public 30 years later. Roger built several other successful businesses, the most recent of which he sold to The Home Depot.

In this book, Roger shares the story of how he audaciously achieved the American dream. From weathering extreme highs and lows to realizing the power of investing in people to leaving one’s comfort zone behind, his journey to success will inspire anyone who wants to get the most out of life.

If you’re interested in pursuing your passions and leaving your own mark on the world, Stepping into the Moment is for you.

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