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The Sales Playbook: 11 Simple Strategies to Close More Sales
By David Hill

There’s a hidden goldmine in your pocket. You might think that shiny iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is worth a few hundred dollars, but what if I told you it could be worth thousands or even millions over a career? If you work in sales or own a business, your answer to propelling your career forward is to use your phone as a device to speak with and influence other people.

This book shows how to skillfully use the phone to close more deals than ever before. With technological advances like email and social media, many salespeople have abandoned the phone as a selling tool. While digital communication can be helpful, success comes from correctly using the right combination of communication methods. In this book, seasoned sales expert David Hill teaches readers how to properly leverage a tool they’ve been overlooking or using incorrectly for years.

Packed with simple strategies and exercises to kick-start progress immediately, The Sales Playbook is a must-read.

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