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Ready, Mindset, Go! – By Macy Troyer

Macy Troyer and Amelia Forczak

Congratulations to Macy Troyer for launching her first book, Ready, Mindset, Go! Our team loved working with Macy to help her edit and publish her book. We are thrilled the book became a bestseller on Amazon!

About the book:

Unlocking your limitless potential and purpose as an entrepreneur starts with your mindset. It seems so simple, yet countless people only ever dream of turning their passion into a purpose-driven career through entrepreneurship. The reason why is they get stuck before they even get a chance to start—and that’s because they don’t have the right mindset.


Ready, Mindset, Go! provides a framework to help aspiring entrepreneurs shift their mindset and launch their new business—a business in which they will be living their passion each and every day, working with a vision to reach their goals. Through relatable stories and thoughtful tips, this book explores the mindset needed to confidently navigate business ideation, creation, and growth.

Macy Troyer understands what it takes to embark on such a journey to build a successful business and believes it’s not necessarily about experience or a carefully laid out business plan. Rather, it’s about having an open mind.

Learn more on Macy’s website!

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