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New Podcast Episode – So you want to write a book – with Amelia Forczak

Learning from your world podcast

Do you want to write a book?

Check out this podcast with Christina Wenman and Amelia Forczak! They talk about what it takes to write, publish, and market your next best seller.



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Christina is a talented podcast host! She wrote a book in high school, and she had a lot of insightful questions that led to a great discussion about the process.

If you only have a couple minutes, check out some highlights:
10:28 – The number one thing that prevents people from writing their book…and how to overcome it.
17:37 – How to structure your process to FINISH and not keep rewriting forever.
20:06 – How long it takes to write a book and how much time you should set aside to write yours.
37:32 – How AI and Chat GPT can be (ethically) leveraged in writing and marketing your book.
40:29 – How to assess the viability of a book idea.

Amelia and Christina talk about launching the Authors’ Club. If you’re interested in writing a non-fiction book, this club is for you!

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