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Liberate Your Greatness by John Roussot

Liberate your greatness by John Roussot

Congratulations to my friend and client, John Roussot, on his new book, Liberate Your Greatness! John and I worked together for book outlining, and he was able to go from there with the writing and editing to get the book across the finish line.

Writing a book is a major accomplishment but it’s doable if you stick with it! John always loved writing and he just needed to set aside the time and space to finish. He pushed through the uncomfortable moments and kept going even when it got tough. Now he’s crossed off a major bucket list item. (If you’re reading this, you can do it too!) Maybe it’s time to liberate your greatness. ;-)

About the Book:

Liberate Your Greatness will help you reach your next level of success and significance. This transformational guide empowers you to unleash your full potential as a leader, take ownership of your personal and professional growth, and amplify your impact. Blending cognitive science, leadership principles and actionable strategies, it shows you how to thrive by elevating your mindset, skillset and toolset for greatness.

Read this book to:

• Understand and command your thoughts, emotions and actions for enhanced personal and professional development

• Implement strategies to inspire and influence others through greater awareness, alignment and action, and foster a culture of growth and innovation

• Harness the principles of amplification and acceleration to fast-track your progress and achieve your goals

• Adapt to rapid changes and challenges, building resilience for both personal and professional scenarios

• Lead people, manage systems and maximise your influence to create a positive lasting impact in your organisation, your community and beyond

Your greatness is your gift to the world. Apply the principles in Liberate Your Greatness to become all you were born to be.

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