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New Book Alert! – The Art of Quality Decision-Making

The Art of Quality Decision-Making

The Art of Quality Decision-Making: A Practical Guide to the Alternative Response Method
By Warren Brand

Decisions define every aspect of our lives. They lead us to success or failure. Happiness or misery. They lead us to find the right spouse, job, and career, and they often dictate our level of happiness, success, and bliss. Yet making choices – and feeling confident in our choices – can be illusive.

This book is the tool you need to start your journey toward optimal decision-making through the Alternative Response Method (ARM). The tools and strategies found in these pages come from hundreds of highly qualified and vetted sources, such as top-performing organizations like NASA, special forces and aviation, where good decisions are the difference between life and death.

The Art of Quality Decision-Making is an exploration of the development of ARM told in a funny, and sometimes heartbreaking, well-written tale fraught with a near-obsessive desire for truth and desperate searching for optimal decisions in a sea of chaos.

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About ARM Programs

Decision-making is a learned skill. And when the quality of our lives is defined by the decisions we make, it is critical we learn how to make good decisions on a consistent basis. At ARM, all we do, every day, is help our clients make better decisions. We help them develop their own unique skill set (flip chart) based on their own capacities. Click here to learn more about how to improve collaboration, communication, and effectiveness within your organization.

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