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How to Find a Ghostwriter

It’s a dark and stormy morning. The keyboard creaks. Your notepad rattles. Suddenly, you see something out of the corner of your eye: YOUR UNFINISHED MANUSCRIPT!

But it’s okay—you don’t need to be frightened! All you need is a ghostwriter…a GOOD one. A FRIENDLY ghostwriter, if you will. One who will understand your voice and your audience (without a Ouija board), save you time, and help you produce a quality end product—so you can stop feeling haunted by your book, and come back to life.

Here at Pithy Wordsmithery, our specialty is ghostwriting. We’re the proud ghostwriters of over a dozen titles, including five bestsellers.

Here are some tips straight from our crypt on how to find a ghostwriter! 

Good Ghostwriters Are Repped by Agents
It’s true! Just like there are agencies for actors and, well, authors, there are agencies for ghostwriters. Using an agent or agency to find a ghostwriter saves time. Ghostwriting agencies only hire trustworthy ghosts with proven track records of excellence. It’s not easy to get in! Going through an agency to find a ghostwriter also ensures the price is right. Agencies house ghostwriters with different experience levels, specialties, and, thus, price points. You’ll get exactly what you pay for. Simply looking up “ghostwriting agencies” online is a great place to start. Pithy Wordsmithery recommends (and also works with!) Gotham Ghostwriters, as well as 2M Communications.

Ask Fellow Authors
90% of our ghostwriting business here at Pithy Wordsmithery has come from referrals. Have you friends or colleagues worked with ghostwriters? Ask about their experiences—they will definitely have opinions. Working with a ghostwriter can be a very personal experience, so it’s important to choose one with great referrals, who you can see yourself working with long term.

Make Time to Commit to a Ghostwriter
Many prospective authors envision working with a ghostwriter is quick and hands-off! But this isn’t usually the true nature of the relationship. Authors tend to get better outcomes if they dedicate a good chunk of time to talking with their ghostwriter. (We recommend having weekly calls.) This helps ensure the book will be written in the author’s unique voice. Make time in your schedule to really commit to searching for a ghostwriter who clicks with you. 

Whether your manuscript is a tangle of unfinished pages, or a just collection of ideas that haven’t been recorded, a ghostwriter can help you bring your idea to life.

Watch this space for more help on how to find a ghostwriter, questions to ask a prospective ghostwriter, how to write a book if you’re a beginner, and more!


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