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Ideas Are Scary – Best Commercial on TV

Ideas are Scary“Ideas are the natural born enemy of the way things are.”

With all of the crap on TV today, a commercial that actually makes you think differently about something is undeniably refreshing. GE’s commercial that personifies ideas (or rather, “creature-fies” them), does an excellent job of showing the evolution of creating something new, whether it’s a new product, service, or approach to an old problem.

New ideas usually enter this world as something ugly and messy that people don’t understand. Ideas threaten what people believe is right and normal, so it’s easy to discount them and reject them. But under the proper care, ideas can be cleaned up, nurtured, and turn into something beautiful.

Entrepreneurs are some of the rare few who embrace ideas in the early stages. We see the small and messy creature for what it is, but more than that, we see what it can become. Instead of being afraid, we’re inspired by the challenge of transforming nothing into something. We’re excited by discovering an idea’s full potential and uncovering how magnificent it could actually be.

The next time you’re doubting a new idea, watch this commercial. Yes, it would be easier to start with something that’s beautiful already, but what’s the fun in that?

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