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17 Ways Aspiring Authors Can Squash Their Self-Doubt

Ways Aspiring Authors Can Squash Their Self-Doubt

When it comes to writing and finishing your book, perseverance is the biggest thing.  It’s more important than writing ability or having extra time in your schedule. But to persevere, you need to focus on mindset & squashing your self-doubt. You need to get rid of limiting beliefs and fears.

You ARE smart enough. You DO have good ideas.

If you ever start to doubt yourself or question whether your book will be good enough, you can do the following things to get your confidence back.

  1. Get an Accountability Partner who will cheer you on
  2. Talk with loved ones
  3. Meditate
  4. Exercise to clear your head
  5. Eliminate negative people or influences from your life
  6. Listen to inspirational podcasts
  7. Read or listen to personal development books
  8. Talk with a therapist
  9. Get support from a writers’ club
  10. Work with a personal coach
  11. Listen to empowering music
  12. Pray
  13. Write down a list of your accomplishments
  14. Reread notes from clients or colleagues about how you’ve helped them
  15. Look up inspirational quotes
  16. Get closer to nature, take some deep breaths, and center yourself
  17. Take time to visualize your project being a huge success

Writing a book is a major accomplishment, and it won’t always be easy.  Know that all authors struggle at times, but perseverance makes all the difference!

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