The Power of Good Storytelling

Since starting my own business, I’ve only had one moment when I questioned whether I made the right decision. Actually, it was a moment when I wanted to jump up and down, scream, and cry my eyes out. I was working with an author to help write a book that got picked up by a […]

how to create good content

Why You Should Give Away Information For Free

One of the biggest shifts in marketing over the years has been the new standard of giving away information for free. Companies used to save the good stuff for after making sales—their expertise was part of the package they sold to customers. Not anymore. Today’s customers decide who to buy from based on the value […]

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So You Want to Write a Book?

Countless people want to write a book, but only a small percent actually do it. Many would-be authors get stuck in a holding pattern wondering if writing a book would be a smart career move. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before deciding whether to embark on the publishing journey. Can you make […]

Pithy Wordsmithery

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog! After learning and teaching blogging strategy, and writing many blog posts under my own name or someone else’s, I decided to start a blog for Pithy Wordsmithery. I had always considered having a blog, but didn’t want to start one just for the sake of doing it. Blogs should be a […]