Iceland beauty

Beauty, Loss, and Iceland

I’m having an existential crisis. As an optimist, I try to forget that the world can be unbearably brutal sometimes. (Obviously things can get very bad, but they probably won’t! Most things tend to work out just fine in the end!) But all it takes is one crushing loss to challenge this sunshine and rainbows […]

author rejection

Why Authors need to get Comfortable with Rejection

If you want to publish through a traditional publishing house, rejection is a fact of life. You’ll be submitting your idea for your book to literary agents and publishers, and chances are, you’re going to hear a bunch of criticism and Nos along the way. As an author, it’s important to get comfortable with rejection […]

Christopher House Read-a-thon

Growing up, my house was practically exploding with books. They were crammed into bookcases, stacked high on end tables, and strewn across the bed in the guest room. From paperback novels, to kids’ picture books, to an endless stream of magazines, no surface was safe from the ever-growing surplus of reading material. Even the staircase […]

The Disruptors’ Feast

A New Bestselling Book! The Disruptors’ Feast by Frits van Paasschen

Released on January 16th, 2017, The Disruptors’ Feast hit the Amazon #1 bestseller spot in 10 categories! The Pithy Wordsmithery team has been working with author Frits van Paasschen for the past year to help with editing, manuscript evaluation, website development, and marketing. This has been one of our favorite projects for so many reasons! […]

Book Endorsement Quotes

How To Ask For Book Endorsement Quotes

With all of the books available today, it’s important for authors to do everything they can to make their books stand out.  A great way of doing this is by getting endorsement quotes about the book before it’s published.  These quotes can be printed on the book jacket or inside pages, as well as used […]

Female Leaders

Stop Hating on Female Leaders

Jimmy Kimmel had a great skit last night with Hillary Clinton.  He provided “helpful” advice to help Hillary win the election: “You’re too loud… it comes off as a little shrill… you’re making a speech, not an arrest.” She speaks more quietly. “You have to speak up because we can’t hear you.  You’re like a […]

Interview with Amelia Forczak: So you want to write a book?

I was fortunate to be a recent guest on David Hill’s One More Sale podcast. I’ve been working with David for the past several months to help him create his first book titled The Sales Playbook. In this podcast, we talk about what the ghostwriting process is like and what authors can gain from additional […]

holiday giving

Holiday Giving – Where Does Your Money Go?

The holidays are a time to count your blessings.  It’s also a time of year when there is a heightened consideration for those who are less fortunate.  But if you’re thinking about charitable giving, it can be difficult to decide what to support.  This is especially true when you’re asked to donate around every corner. […]

Publishing House vs. Self-Publishing: 3 Things to Consider

I speak with people all the time who are hoping to publish a non-fiction book but don’t know how to get started.  One of the first things I ask is whether they’ve considered going with a traditional publishing house or self-publishing.  There are a variety of pros and cons to both routes and the best […]

This Is How You Do Marketing

I got a handwritten holiday card in the mail last week.  From a company.  No, it wasn’t a local insurance agent or car salesperson.  It was from a national company I order from online.  I’ve never even met anyone from this company and they sent me a handwritten holiday card.  And they wrote more than […]