Amelia Forczak

How to Overcome Writer’s Block and Finish Your Manuscript

A lot of people have a lifelong goal of writing a book but very few people actually do it. Why? It’s not because they lack talent or a good idea; they just never get around to doing it. Writer’s block can be a painful experience, but this video shows why it isn’t real. If you’ve […]

Amelia Forczak podcast guest

Amelia Forczak – Podcast Guest: Breaking Down Your Business

In the Breaking Down Your Business podcast, Brad Farris and Jill Salzman tackle the most complex small business questions of our day: Why can’t I hire competent employees? How do I take over the world? All wrapped up in 20 mins of 41% mediocre business advice and 54% tomfoolery. In this week’s podcast, Amelia Forczak […]

The Disruptors' Feast

The Disruptors’ Feast Earns Publishers Weekly Review

A premier news magazine targeted at publishers, librarians, booksellers, and literary agents, Publishers Weekly is one of the most competitive publications for book reviews. Of the hundreds of self-published titles received each month, only a handful of the very best are selected for review. On October 16th, 2017, PW featured The Disruptors’ Feast by Frits van […]

writing a non-fiction book

How to write a non-fiction book: Three ways to leverage interviews

One of the biggest missed opportunities for aspiring authors is failing to leverage great interviews when writing a book. Instead of working in a vacuum, it’s so easy to step outside that and get the perfect material to take your project to the next level. Here are three ways interviewing people can be a godsend […]

book cover design

Book Cover Design – 5 Covers That Work and Why

People judge books by their covers. That’s why it’s worth the time for authors to learn a little about designing a book cover so they understand what works and why. In this video, I show five examples of awesome covers and share some tips for designing your own book cover. A few small changes could […]

marketing for authors

November Media Publishing and Pithy Wordsmithery Join Forces!

On October 3, 2017, November Media Publishing signed a one-year contract with Amelia Forczak, and her marketing firm, Pithy Wordsmithery. “This is great news for our current and future authors,” Tiheasha Beasley mentioned during a chat with her online authors’ group. Pithy Wordsmithery specializes in strategic marketing content. They work with business owners and authors […]

Iceland beauty

Beauty, Loss, and Iceland

I’m having an existential crisis. As an optimist, I try to forget that the world can be unbearably brutal sometimes. (Obviously things can get very bad, but they probably won’t! Most things tend to work out just fine in the end!) But all it takes is one crushing loss to challenge this sunshine and rainbows […]

author rejection

Why Authors need to get Comfortable with Rejection

If you want to publish through a traditional publishing house, rejection is a fact of life. You’ll be submitting your idea for your book to literary agents and publishers, and chances are, you’re going to hear a bunch of criticism and Nos along the way. As an author, it’s important to get comfortable with rejection […]

Christopher House Read-a-thon

Growing up, my house was practically exploding with books. They were crammed into bookcases, stacked high on end tables, and strewn across the bed in the guest room. From paperback novels, to kids’ picture books, to an endless stream of magazines, no surface was safe from the ever-growing surplus of reading material. Even the staircase […]