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New Book Alert – Calling All Dog Lovers!

intrepid fiona is finally home book coverIntrepid Fiona is Finally Home
By Carolyn Turner

Fiona was a sweet, curious dog born into horrific circumstances. She was also born with severe hip issues that prevented her from walking. Against all odds, she was removed from the puppy mill when she was three years old and given a new chance at life. All Fiona needed was an opportunity to show that she could overcome all her obstacles. Through her determination and some help, she learned to walk and then run. This is a story of love, a bit of luck, and the power of perseverance.


This book will leave dog lovers of all ages in a big pile of mush on the floor – it’s a feel-good story that makes you want to run out and adopt a four-legged furry friend! The Pithy Wordsmithery team spent six months working alongside author Carolyn Turner, providing book writing consulting, illustrations, editing, proofreading, layout and Amazon direct publishing consultation services. Thank you to the entire team for this labor of love: Cherie Gilmore-Forczak, Jennifer Cooper, Martha Steele, Sue Murray, and Nicole Sholly.


carolyn turner and her dog, fiona

Carolyn Turner is a first-time author who lives in Denver, Colorado. She works as the Chief Coaching Officer for a business coaching firm, Small Business Growth Partners. She was looking for a small dog to adopt when she saw Fiona’s picture on the Breeder Release Adoption Service website. It was love at first sight. Carolyn hopes this book inspires others to adopt dogs with special needs and is a reminder that love and perseverance can take us all very far.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Breeder Release Adoption Services.


Amazon Customer Reviews

Fiona’s story will capture your heart and provide an inspiring message for the little ones and beyond.


I’m an animal lover, so this type of story is right up my alley, and I was predisposed to like it. But after reading it – and seeing the amazing illustrations (Fiona looks like herself! Check out the author photo) – I can say it truly is a story of perseverance and unconditional love. I love that Carolyn took a chance on this little dog and put so much time and energy into helping Fiona become the best dog she could be. I don’t have children but many nieces and nephews, and because I love books, I’m always on the lookout for books to give them as gifts. All the young kids in my family will be getting a copy of Fiona’s story!


I love this story. It’s a must read for every age. This story is about Fiona, a dog that has had a hard, unfair, and lonely life until, one day, Carolyn comes to the shelter and it was love at first sight. Because of Fiona’s isolated life in a cage, she couldn’t walk or even understand regular “dog things”. But Carolyn didn’t care. She loved Fiona just as she was and was determined to give her the best life that she could. The story is told in a way that everyone can connect with. Beautiful illustrations and a heartfelt telling of Fiona’s journey from sad beginnings to extraordinary love and a brand new world. What a beautiful message about never giving up, no matter what…life can change when you least expect. Most of all, be your extraordinary self, you are deeply loved, just as you are.


I love the message of this book! The author adopted a dog that needed a home, even though the dog had issues with her back legs. With a little bit of physical therapy, the dog learned to walk. It shows that people should be compassionate about animal adoption, and how rewarding it can be to take in a creature that just needs a little bit of love.


Get your copy of “Intrepid Fiona is Finally Home” on Amazon today!

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